Created in 2008, Casabitada is a company dedicated to Architecture and Interior Design.
Its main objective is to offer to its customers a brooder service of quality and, above all, with security, stability and present and future credit. In its showroom in the center of Barcelos, we can watch a magnificient creative world.

Led buy the Architect Vânia Silva, the studio is referenced by the perfect combination between harmony, rigor and aesthetic sense of the architecture with glamour, sophistication and elegance of decoration.

With a rigorous and thorough approach each project subject to strict quality criteria in the selection of materials as well as in the choice of decorative elements.

The work done by its team is recognized by the one and only approach that offers every project that proposes working with a highly personalized way.

With a well defined strategy the studio encourages national design and manufacture, such as signed pieces. Because it believes in the quality of Portuguese industry, about eighty percent of the furniture used in its works is national and most of it is designed by the studio. The company created the brand Casabitada Design developing furniture and textile pieces of its own signature, intending to initiated exportation soon.

For studio’s professionals the soul that gives to each project is undoubtedly the biggest secret and that’s why they dedicated to each project with a great passion. The decoration doesn’t end in a project, it’s a whole experience that endures in time.

All elements are important and each one plays a very important role for the creation as a whole harmony. The furniture, tapestries, wallpapers, lighters, tissues and accessories are chosen carefully and always focused on the customer.

With a modern, timeless and elegant profile the studio looks for, above all, offer to its customers a comfortable, cosy and with which the customer can identify himself.

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